We are a dance studio run in a professional manner with professional dance studio standards.

Our reputation depends on it and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Our policies are pretty simple but really help to keep the studio "dancing along" smoothly.  Thank you for becoming familiar with them.


Shortly after we receive your enrollment, we will mail you a studio handbook packet.  Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable, stress free dance season. We know that many families are new to the dance studio experience and may not be sure what to expect. The goal of our studio handbook is to help you become familiar with the dance studio guidelines and policies that help to keep us all on our toes. Payment information, due dates and a class schedule will be included with the handbook.


We believe everyone appreciates being part of a well organized studio, one that keeps you informed. In addition to our studio handbook, we email you a notice when newsletters are added to our website.  By reading the information and keeping the newsletters handy you are sure to be stay up to date on studio happenings.  



Tuition includes your class payment as well as costume costs for the spring productions.  This makes it easy for you to budget!  This allows you to divide costume fees into payments AND will eliminate the chance of you forgetting to make a costume payment.  I always feel bad when parents forget and it is too late to get a costume ordered.  Problem solved!   

Tuition is due no later than the 10th of the month in September, October, November, December, January and February.  Due dates are listed on the inside cover of the studio handbook.  Reminders are listed in the studio newsletter.  Due dates will also be posted on the PAY ONLINE page of our website.  Because we provide you with this information well in advance, no other reminder statements are sent.  This system allows us to keep YOUR costs down. 

Please add a $15.00 late fee if you choose to not make your payment the week it is due.

Accounts past due more than 15 days will result in your dancer being excused from class until your account is brought up to date.  

Dancin' Plus reserves the right to refuse service/discontinue monthly payment options and require payment in full for classes due to multiple past due payments.

Due to COVID19 our business office at the studio will be closed until further notice.    We can accept credit and debit cards through our online payment service on our website. 

You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay online.  You do not need to register for a Paypal account to use your credit or debit card.   We have a payment dropbox inside the studio for check or cash payments. 

If paying with cash, please put the exact amount in an envelope marked with your child's name. There is a $30.00 fee for checks returned by your bank.

Thank you for paying on time. It is appreciated!




Please see DRESS CODE page  for class attire.



Because we limit class sizes and a place is reserved for you, we do not issue refunds for missed classes.

We understand that a dancer may occasionally miss class and we take that into consideration when we set our prices for the season.




Due to COVID19 protocols,  our class time arrivals will be handled differently than in the past.  PLEASE do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your class time start.

Parents of students five and under, please bring your child to the door where a teacher will greet them.

Ages six and up may walk themselves to the door.

The lobby will be open to dancers and instructors only.  Thank you for understanding.

We ask that  dancers of mask wearing age please mask while in the lobby where if can be difficult to social distance.

Once on the dance floor, in your own asigned dance space,  masked can be removed. 

We will walk dancers through these simple procedures at our first class. 



In the event of snowy weather, dance classes will be canceled if Fairmont Public Schools are canceled for the day or dismissed early. Listen to 106.5fm for the public school cancellations. You can also view dance class cancellations on our website at www.dancin-plus.com.   If the weather turns nasty AFTER classes have begun for the day, the studio will remain open for those that can make it.  Each class is allowed two snow days.  For classes with more than two, we will reschedule in the spring. 



Please pick your child up promptly following their class.  As classes run back to back (no teacher break inbetween) children being picked up late are unsupervised. 

Mark your dance bag and dance shoes with your full name.  Please do not use only initials.  Many students have identical initials!  

No food, candy or gum in the studio.   Covered water bottles are allowed.

Leave toys and valuables at home.  Dancin’ Plus is not responsible for misplaced items.